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Salman Is Convicted in Blackbuck Case While All His Co-Stars Got Acquitted.

The hearing in the famous 1998 blackbuck killing case is done and the public prosecutor Shobraj Khatri has demanded for 6 years of punishment under section 59 Forest Act. On this, the Judge convicted Salman while all his co-star were acquitted. Mr. Khatri also called Salman Khan a serial offender (Aadatan Aparadhi) giving the examples of Arms Act and hit and run case. While Salman’s lawyer Hastimal Saraswat defended, the allegations stated that Salman has been a good person helps everyone and does a lot for the society. Salman again claimed that he is innocent.

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The lawyers are done with the arguments now and soon the judge is going to announce his final verdict. This is for sure that Salman is will get a punishment; however, for how many years, is the big question because if he gets 3 or less than 3 years he can get a bail immediately, but if the judge goes a little harsh on him them Salman will be taken under arrest instantly.   

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