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Miss America Ends Swimsuit Competition which Indicates Towards A Huge Cultural Revolution

The one thing that has been closely associated with Miss America pageant since 1921 would not be a part of it anymore in the coming years. Yes, you heard it right. The contest in which sizzling contestants used to strut on stage in swimsuit has been scraped from the noted event, and behind this move, the organizers give the reason that the contestants, as well as the competition, should redefine its role in the time of female empowerment and gender equality. A hashtag named #ByeByeBikini is representing the crucial move.

Reasons Behind Scraping Swimsuit Competition:

  • Most girls love to be a part of this renowned event but not at the cost of parading around in a swimsuit.
  •  The pageant, encountering its own harassment scandal and looking for its space in the #MeToo era, had worked on the fresh format for a number of months.

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  • The organizers want this pageant to get a fresh identity as an event where the contestants should be assessed based on their intelligence, talent, and ideas rather than their external appearance.
  • Their major purpose is to move it forward and evolve it in this cultural revolution.
  • The number of women taking over the higher ranks in the eventually fell on the swimsuit activity.

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