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Know About HRM and CRM, and How They Are Linked In An Organization

Are you an employee, working in an organization and they have all your information like bank details, your personal details?? Have you ever wonder how they keep your data safe and confidential?? Also, the details of clients and customers, their small activities, updates and news, how an organization maintain all this without disclosing a single detail to anywhere else?? Any guesses?? Well, HRM (Human Relationship Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) play the role here, respectively.

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Let’s understand the concept of HRM and CRM and their importance:


Human Resource Management is a software solution which designed to keep all employee information, ranging from contact number to their performance and benefits. HRM helps the organization to reduce their work and to manages the human resource task easily and efficiently. It combines the whole task from recruitment to the retirement. HRM works by reserving the following details of an employee, which are:

  • Recruitment and Selection: All details of candidates and their hiring process can be managed here, and all the details of applicants will be updated.
  • Payroll: The payroll, monthly salary and other TDS details are managed here in this section. An employee sees his details and salary breakup anytime. The salary slip can be shared with the employee, directly from this software.
  • Attendance: Login-logout details can be maintained here. Also, an employee can manage their low/extra hours by checking this feature.

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  • Performance: The appraisal process, the sessions, weekly/monthly progress and employee output can be maintained here.
  • Behaviour with Team/Manager: A record your professional behaviour with your colleagues and manager can be managed here.
  • Training/Certifications: All kinds of training/certification details can be sent from this section, and according to their personal choices, they can attend the training classes.
  • Leave Management: Holidays/SL/PL/CL, all can be managed here.
  • Meetings: A meeting either of departmental or organizational, can be maintained here, which will also allow them to attend by sending notifications and reminders.
  • Appreciations/Rewards: The track of an employee's good and hard work, rewards and appreciation, certification of merit, innovation and extra collaboration, all can be managed here.


Customer Relationship Management is a software to maintain and manage all the client and customer details. This application takes care of sales activity, customer interactions and services and is designed to strengthen the sales. Their activity, transactions, postings, all can be preserved to make a good relationship with the customers and to enhance the profit and get the excellence. The important features, the CRM carries are:

  • Customer Need: A customer likes and dislikes can only be determined by having an interview with them, to serve them better and retain for a longer period.
  • Response: This is the most important feature for a successful business. Working continuously on customer's queries help the organization to keep the faith and trust of the customer.

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  • Satisfaction: Any organization works hard for customer satisfaction by knowing their exact needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction leads to successful business.
  • Complaints: It can be caused due to a misunderstanding regarding product and sometimes can be genuine as well. This is always needed to improve your product and to try new innovation to satisfy your customer by resolving the issues and giving new options.
  • Loyalty: This is required to maintain the customers and retain them in the business by providing quality and best products.
  • Services: A good product with bad services raise the negative impacts. Customer satisfaction depends on the service you provide to them. Good servicing always delivers the positive side and leads to successful business.

So, CRM is important to know the needs, the likes/dislikes of the customers. It helps to build a good relationship between two of them and becomes easy to serve the customers in a better way. If the bonding is emotional and personal as well, it becomes easy to know their actual needs and that’s where CRM shows the necessity. CRM improves the situation and helps to retain the old customers as well as build new ones.

In an organization, the employees are as important as clients and customers. So including CRM for in-house employees fills the gap between the organization and its employee to create a strong emotional and professional bonding among them.

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