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Indian companies have dramatically reduced their H1-B visa filings this year !!

The Indian IT companies, who were earlier accused of flooding H1_B visa applications have dramatically reduced their H-1B visa filings after Trump's administration has taken a hard-line anti-immigration stance this year.

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The visa process for the 2019 fiscal year beginning October 1, has started on 2nd April 2018. It was shocking to notice that there was a lot of reluctance from Indian companies to file H1-B of their employees. 

In this present scenario, of certain uncertainties in the US immigration system, there are some arguments that foreign-born workers are good for both the US economy and US-born workers as they provide good competition. "When companies are allowed to hire the workers with the best skills for the job -- regardless of where those workers happen to have been born -- their increased competitiveness boosts all the industries around them," opined the San Francisco Chronicle.

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