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I Do Not Modi Government Revie-I Fail To Understand What Worst We Are Waiting For to Occur. It’s A Wake Call Guys!

It’s been more than 4 years of Modi Government and the war of achievements and failures is on between the current government and the opposition. However, my only question to the government is does it really succeed in achieving what they set as a bar before coming to power? Has the common man, who constructs the major part of the population of this country, received what he expected while voting for Modi? Here I have tried to answer in brief here.

Modi took over the thrown highlighting the followings major issues against the government and making them the major pillars of the Loksabha Election campaign.



Black Money

Women Safety

Let’s understand whether Modi Government passed these test or failed.


Corruption emerged as a major issue in UPA-2 and it proved to be the final nail in the coffin. Anna Hazare’s movement also helped Modi to evict UPA from the power. He took over the thrown making many promises including bringing the Lokpal suggested by Hazare to curb corruption, although, Lokpal came into existence, but a fragile Lokpal is equal to no Lokpal. Actually, establishing Hazare’s Lokpal was never on the agenda of the government because if it had passed in the Parliament there was a possibility that many giant industrialists would have come into its radar.

Needless to mention that the demonetization move was nothing but a fruit of a freaking mind and we all witnessed its outturns.

Results of Demonetization:

  • Over 100 innocents succumbed.
  • A big dent to economy; ended up losing 1.5% of it.
  • Almost 15 crore daily wage earners went jobless.
  • Many factories were shut down.
  • Almost one-third of the MSME’s in the country moved back to their villages.

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