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Disheartened with the Marks You Got In Your Board Exams? Worry Not, Because These Folks Who Were Once A Backbencher or An Average Student Are Now Running A State.

The season of results for many exams is on and we are witnessing a great outcry about the students who have topped various exams recently. On the other hand, there is also a set of students who could not get what they expected from their result which is eventually causing them a great deal of disappointment. Moreover, in some folks, the level of depression has crossed the mark where they have started considering themselves a LOOSER. 

No matter what happened, you have to give it a thought again because falling is not a failure, not standing up is the one. Marks can be the scale of measuring your grip on the subject, but they can’t decide what you are going to be in the coming time. You might find all this a ‘crap’ or a piece of ‘oration’, but the true stories of these IAS from Rajasthan will make you believe what I mean and what I want to convey.

57% in 10th and 50% in 12th-Now An IAS, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan 

DC Jain, who was a backbencher, scored only average marks in both the board exams, but the result could not dwindle him at all for being successful. He passed the RAS (Rajasthan Administration Services) exam but Mr. Jain did not sit quite and shot for the moon. He appeared for the IAS and guess what? Cleared it as well. He says,

“The marks in 10th and 12th does not really matter. What matter is the clarity of your goal”.

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Studied In A Government School, Now An IAS, Sirohi, Rajasthan

Babulal Meena was from a small village and got only 57% in 10th and 12 boards, but cleared RAS and then got promoted as the IAS. Marks should not be a big matter of disappointment in students. They should simply pick the right field in which they want to make their career and work hard. Success will follow.

Gyanaram Converted Failures Into the Steps to Success

His marks were only 55% in 10th, but Gyanaram put more efforts and got 62% in 12th. He kept the same attitude of giving the best shot in every new attempt up and continued getting success. He strongly reckons, No Matter You Have Failed Today, You Will Succeed Tomorrow for Sure.  

Only Toppers Do Well In Life Is Only A Myth

RC Denwal scored 64 and 63 in both the board exams, but he cleared the IAS exam after a couple of attempts, which put everyone around him in surprise because they never expected him to achieve this. Mr. Denwal says that despite a negative environment around me I never lost trust in me and eventually achieved my goal. I washed away the stigma, which is-toppers are the synonymous to successful individuals.   

So, get up and throw off the unnecessary load of marks…….Success Awaiting Ahead!!

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