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Destination Wedding - A Fad Among Couples these days

Destination weddings are no more of an enigma these days. These are a part of the latest Indian wedding planning ideas since couples today are more enthusiastic about the notion of having a destination wedding at some serene and unique location away from their hometowns. And the reason for choosing such wedding destination is the fun and uniques moments that are created during the entire ceremony.

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Let us have a look at some of the reasons the couples express for having such type of weddings.

  • Planning is easier:

Though you have to uproot your preparations away from your hometown, these resorts can help you with all the necessary preparations. Whether this is about your decor, catering or accommodation, these venues can customize your entire package as per your needs.

  • Ample choice:

There are numerous destination wedding locations to choose from and with so many exotic domestic and international locations. Selecting a location that you both admire would be an ideal getaway for your post- marriage vacation. Just keep in mind a suitable current weather condition at the location you finalize at the time of your wedding.

  • Décor is not on a hype:

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When you are planning a destination wedding, then you are liable to cut down the cost of the décor because the scenery, ambiance, climate and native charm are some of the elements that enhance the beauty of your celebration and you wouldn’t require a grand decoration for your venue. This is enough to have your guests in awe. Let your weddings be at a beach or in a forest. With minimal lightings and podium decoration, your wedding setup will look amazing.

  • A lot have a lot of time:

With your planner at the location, taking care of the decorations, catering, entertainment, etc., you get to spend quality time with yourself as well as your family and friends. Moreover, this would be a golden moment to interact and break the ice between the two of you! Destination weddings give the bride and groom some intended time between themselves rather than running from one vendor to another.

  • Limited Invitations:

Since budget is the bottom line for any event and you want to organize a destination wedding with just family and close friends, a destination wedding provides you with the best possible excuse in this regard. Naturally, you are not going to invite your one time acquaintance to your destination wedding.

  • Budget-friendly:

A destination wedding doesn’t mean that it has to be a lavish affair. The location itself would grant you the charm that you have been looking for. By cutting down on the décor and guest list, you are sure to enjoy a destination wedding on a nominal budget.

  • Feel different:

Well, when you would be declaring the plan of a destination wedding, it would obviously create a ripple of awe among your friends. You will stand out from the pack of traditional weddings with a different theme and location. The destination itself will make it different for you.

  • Early honeymoon:

Having a destination wedding is equally beneficial if this is your planned location for the honeymoon. This eventually saves a lot of costs that you would be spending on both the ceremony and your honeymoon. Thus, a destination wedding is more than just a wedding.

  •  Your guests enjoy as well:

If this is an outing for you, then this is an equally profitable opportunity for your guests as well! They can plan their vacation that they must be secretly longing for. Give out the invitations in advance and provide them the chance to adjust their schedules accordingly.

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