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Basic Laws and Rights Which Everybody Should Know in India

Being an Indian, we must know about our laws and rights. Though many of us, do not care about it by thinking we are never going to face any issues regarding rights or country’s laws, but you never know when you might need to put them into use. So, today we are going to present you some of the very basic and important ones, which you should definitely be aware of:

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  • If your domestic cylinder explodes due to a manufacturing defect and if there is a loss of life or damage to the property, you are entitled to Rs. 40 lakh cover!
  • According to law, only a female officer can arrest or escort a woman to the police station and a man cannot. Also, it should be not from 6 pm to 6 am. In case of any exception or serious crime, a written permit from the magistrate is required for a male officer to arrest a lady.
  • Not only Police officers but a tax recovery officer (TRO) can also arrest and release you. According to the Income-tax Act, 1961, the releasing date is only being decided by TRO while a tax commissioner can only decide how long can you be in custody.
  • There are no traffic violation laws for non-motorized vehicles like cycles or rickshaws since they don't fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.

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  • The Public Display of Affection or PDA after a limit can land you in a jail and is punishable by law for up to 3 months. Since the word obscene is not defined, couples are commonly harassed by policemen.
  • As per the Delhi Police guidelines, women facing domestic violence, eve teasing or any other exploitation has the privilege of registering a complaint via email or even through the post if she is not able to go to the police station.
  • Riding around without a helmet can trouble you, but once if you have paid the fine,  the challan slip can get you out of being fined till midnight of the same day. Well, this does not encourage to do so.
  • According to the 1861 Police Act, which states that a police officer is always on duty. If any crime occurred in front of them, they cannot say "I am not on duty" even if they aren't in uniform.

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  • The "No sex divorce" is something when a husband or a wife refuses sex post marriage, it can be deemed as 'mental cruelty' and is a viable reason for divorce.
  • As per the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 which states that if you have a Hindu son or a son's son or a son's son's son, you cannot adopt another one and same applies for a daughter. Also, the minimum age gap should not be less than 21 years between the child and the adopter.

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