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A failure of the nation: Bihar's Infamous education system

Education is the backbone of development for any state and then for any country. Poor education reflects the bad governance of a state. In Bihar, the State ad the civil society both are to be blamed for the lack of governance and the degrading standards of education. Especially under the governance of Laloo Prasad Yadav, the mass of the state remains uneducated, as it suited his political interests. Also, the civil society of the state has also failed to get an alternative to Laloo Yadav due to caste and class factors.

Who's responsible for poor Education System?

The poor people of the state rely on the Government schools for the Primary education of their children. However, the government failed to facilitate proper infrastructure for the government schools, in terms of providing buildings, teachers etc. These schools lack basic facilities like blackboards and chalk. Another reason would be the lack of roads and poor transport facilities.

Answer ImageIf we talk about the Government schools in Urban Bihar, they have their own issues. Like the huge irregularity in the selection process and the huge corruption that has degraded the standard of education. There's more to the story, not only government or teachers are to be blamed but the parents, who threaten the management physically and through political influence to get them transferred for not letting the students copy. All these factors together have led to a disastrous education system in Bihar.

The first case:

During the visit of Bill Clinton to Lucknow, a convent school student was made to sit in primary school by the authorities. This class eight convent student was included in a group of students who were supposed to meet a primary school in Jabrauli village.

How educated are the Teachers:

We all know of the famous case of a primary school teacher who failed to name India's president or even spell Apple problem. The whole incident was: A primary school teacher in Dumri in Banke Bazar block approached the District Manager Sanjay Kumar Agrawal at his 'Janta Darbar' to request a transfer to a school near her home. The DM tried to test her general knowledge and then asked her few questions.

  • The DM asked her to write the name of India's President, which she wrote Pratibha Patil's name and when she was asked about Bihar's Governor she confidently answered Smriti Irani and when asked to write apple she wrote apil. This was not the first case recorded in the state.
  • A few years back a primary school teacher was recorded teaching the students that there are 360 days in a year and Patna is the capital of Bihar and was the capital of India. She spelled January as Junuary, Saturday as Shatrdey and education as adukesn.

Appointing Uneducated Teachers:

The teachers appointed here are rarely on the basis of their educational qualification but are mostly based on their political contacts, leaked question papers and are a result of the corrupt governance. However less qualified teacher is not the only issue of the state. There are several other issues like teacher absenteeism, irresponsibility and careless attitude that further adds up to the misery.

There are plenty of policies and plans for the education system of the state like the Right to Education act of 2010, but no one bothers about the fact or nobody pays any heed to what is the student learning in the school. No cross-checking is done to check the knowledgeability of the teachers or even nobody pays a heed to the things the children are taught in the school.

The Fixed Education System:

The entire nation was surprised to see the toppers of Bihar in 2016. While the arts topper pronounced Political Science as "Prodigal Science" and told the media that the subject was all about cooking. The Science topper failed to define electrons and protons. As a result, the Board decided to retest and interview the top 13 of class 12, in which many students failed.

In 2017, more than 60% of students failed the class 12 Board exam. When they were asked the reason, a common answer was, they were not allowed to cheat or the paper was not known to them previously. This clearly reflects the collapsing education system in the state and the mindset of students and the parents.

83% Fail the Teacher's Eligibility Test:

The Teacher's eligibility test conducted this June in Bihar witnessed 83% of failed candidates out of all those who attempted the exam. According to the results, only 16.4% of the candidates managed to pass the test to be eligible for teaching classes 1 to 5 while 17.8% of the candidates managed to be eligible to teach class 6 to 8. Total of 43,000 candidates appeared in the first test, while only 7,038 cleared the test.

Answer ImageOut of 1,68,700 candidates, only 30,113 candidates passed the second test. The quality of education of the state has left the nation speechless. The state which was once known to gift the nation the maximum number of IAS and IPS officers is know struggling to provide basic primary education.


All these incidents point us to the same corrupt governance of the state. This corruption has been going on for a very long time now and the present government is going to take a long time to clean this whole mess. If they are even bothered about paying any heed towards the present education system of the state. As education is the base of development, it's only because of lack of education the people feel like outsiders when they mix with people from the other state.

However, if we keep on blaming the governance for all the low quality of education it won't do us any good. As we were the one to choose this government at the very first place. Somewhere it's the fault of the parents who threaten to management to let their children cheat in the exam, the under-qualified teacher is at fault and the unaware parents are also at fault.

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