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A Lesbian Daughter Killed Her Mother - An Unbelievable Crime in The Madness of Love!!

Where there is no limit to the love of a mother to her kid, on the other side, evilness is reaching the peak nowadays. There is actually “no rules and limitations for love and war”. This incident exemplifies the statement, where a mother was killed by her own daughter.

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The mother was brutally beaten to death by her own daughter at Delhi's Kavi Nagar area, Ghaziabad after she opposed for daughter's same-sex relationship with her teacher. Basically, she was not able to digest the term for daughter, which was a lesbian. 

Only  21-year-old Rashmi Rana and her partner Nisha Gautama (the teacher) attacked Rashmi’s mother with an iron rod leading to severe head injuries which finally led to death on the spot.

According to Rashmi, she does not want to leave her teacher but her mother used to torture her a lot just because she was a lesbian. She felt ashamed to be a mother of a lesbo. Many times Rashmi’s mother asked her to leave her teacher and finish the relationship. But Rashmi's immense love towards her partner caused frustration and so one day in a fit of anger, she hit her mother and she died.

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As per the reports, her father Satish Kumar was not at the home during the incident. But later, he had filed the FIR at Kavi Nagar Police Station, against his daughter and the teacher. He has accused them of battering Rashmi’s mother, with a rod of iron which caused her death. Rashmi and Nisha got arrested now and later they confessed the crime.

Isn’t it extreme, How could anyone kill her own mother?? I guess, only the criminals know the right answer!!

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