How did eating only fruits and vegetables affect my body?

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A diet which contains just fruits and vegetables will be low in calories which might also lead to diarrhea and stick problems.It makes your body deficient of such properties which make your body weak and more prone to diseases.It also makes it harder for wounds to heal.But intake of fruits and vegetables help protect against some diseases like diabetes.
Eating only fruits and vegetable is a fabulous way of dieting. First point that I would like to clarify is that dieting doesn't mean starving but to stay full while eating healthy. Fruits contain essential fibres that are very important to intake. Even if you cheat yourself to junk food sometimes, don't forget to have one fruit a day. In the same way, vegetables are an essential source of protein and vitamins. Green leafy vegetable like spinach or broccoli is a good source of protein while vegetables like cucumber, carrots and tomatoes supplies essential vitamins. If you are working out to get those flaunting abs or biceps, eat enough fruits and vegetables. That will help to lose weight and keep your body toned.
To sum it up, eating only fruits and vegetables will affect your body positively, help you tone your body and also will bring the lost glow in your skin. Eat healthy, stay wealthy. 
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