Why should we save animals from extinction?

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There are many people these days that are making efforts to save endangered animals from extinction. Conservation organizations spread awareness related to the problems faced by wild animals. Captive breeding, building reserves and parks in large acres of land, and habitat protection are some of the common methods that are followed these days. One of the important strategies that have been taken into consideration is to stop using the product made from rare species.

Governments of different countries unite and prepare agreements to protect animals. For instance, many countries have agreed to stop hunting species like the blue whale. In 2010, preventing deforestation and preventing rainforest had become more active. Scientists play an important role in this movement by a gene bank set up in which they preserve an animal’s genetic material. This helps in growing a new animal of similar species in future. Kew Gardens in London has provisions for seed bank which helps to save plant species in the wild from getting extinct.

Below listed are few ideas which you can apply in your “Research Projects” related to this issue:

  • Go for the British Endangered Animals

It is possible to help few species if you have your own back garden. If this is possible, then you should choose at least one species of British endangered animal and conduct adequate research to find out the reason behind its rarity.

Almost 500 species have become extinct since 1600, this includes, tarpan, great auk, passenger, quagga and many more. Choose any three to four species of animals and find out how they look, how they live or how did they become extinct.

  • Contributing your bit

Some people tend to save threatened animals from getting extinct. If you have the capacity to set up conservation, make a detailed report about the species after deep research. Elaborate your strategy to save it from extinction.

Why Should We Save Animals From Extinction?

Some people may never realize the importance of conserving animal species. If we long for a happy and healthy life it is important to balance planet’s biodiversity by the richness of plants and animal life. As the extinction level increases among different species, the entire ecosystem gets affected. For instance, there are animals who survive on certain plants, hence the animal has to pollinate or spread the seed. The entire chain is depended on one another.

Most of the times, we humans get selfish and take this entire concept for granted, without even thinking about the future calamities. We are depended on these species either for food or medicines, hence we are ones to suffer more compared to any other species.

Extinction is to be gone forever!

There was a time on Earth when humans were not present, and yet many species became extinct by themselves. Natural extinctions happen eventually when it stops evolving on a planet. This totally depends on how effectively a species can adapt to the changing climatic conditions. This kind of extinction may take millions of years and the extinction continues by the similar appearance of another.

Dinosaurs are the most popular example of natural extinction. They were present on earth 200 million ago, and they used to dominate both land and sea for 100 million years.  There no proper evidence regarding the extinction of dinosaurs, but it is true that they started to disappear, and new species of animals came into existence. 

Over the last 400 years, the rate of extinction has unnaturally speeded up from 1900. The rate of extinction is directly related to the increase in human population around the same period. It is the blunder caused by us humans, by taking away or killing wild animals or forcefully keeping them in smaller areas. In some places, we have polluted the forests or water bodies with toxic chemicals since the existence of the industrial revolution. This indirectly destroys then and lads to extinction on a large scale.

We are responsible for causing the extinction of about 500 species of animals from the 20th century, and today we have more than 5000 endangered animals from which at least one dies every year. These numbers are recorded, but still, there may be much more which we will never come to know. Loss of habitat, change in climate, and poaching is the core threats to most of the species. The International Union for Conservation of Nature owns a "Red List" of endangered species of animals’ right from "least concerned" or fewer possibilities of danger to "critically endangered". 

Wrap up:

We need to stay together and discover more innovative and practical ideas to overcome this issue. It is now our responsibility to rectify our mistakes for creating a better place on planet Earth, as it is rightly said, “Better Late than Never”.

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