Why men testicles are out of the body?


I hope you are OK and not been hit in the balls because I am taking it as a usual query with the assumption that you are far away from the unbearable pain even a slight hit causes and you shout why god damn they are out?

Well, jokes apart, let’s get into the answer. So, why you guys have your sensitive testicles hanging outside? Many people may give the reason that testis need to be kept at a comparatively low temperature of 2 to 3 degrees so that they can function properly. 

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However, this is not actually the exact truth. Although, it’s difficult to point out why this piece of body evolved such a way, but we consider the research by the University of Albany which states,

“Balls need such a lower temperature to keep sperm inactive as long as possible because sperms have a very short lifespan once they get active. Therefore, most probably in ideal conditions, they remain dormant until they reach to the warmth of their destination, vagina.”

Hope you got your answer!! Take care of them!!

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