Why kindness is vanishing from the society?

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“It’s okay, you take my chair”; "No problem, I will do this for you”; "Come to my place, I will help you”, all this kind and helping words were too common if you go back and remind your last 5-8 years. But nowadays, how frequent you get this help or favors and how much are you willing to do the same favor to someone else?? Why this is just fading away and making the society a robotic one??

Have you ever thought what will happen if you lost your child and nobody is helping you, what if a pregnant lady is standing in a queue for hours and nobody is offering her to be in first? Do they look good to you??... No, right??

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Out of 10, 1 or 2 people only come front and do the needful for others. So, coming to the point, it is all because of lacking kindness. And if nobody is liking this conditions, then it is quite obvious they don’t want to do the same. But, unfortunately, we all do the same. 

Sad but true!!  But, what could be reasons- is it because of time, selfishness, crime or money.

Yes, you are right!! The answer is all of this.

Time: People are running behind success and are so obsessed with it. So, no matter what comes on the way, they just ignore and move on to get the results on time. E.g., getting late for office and ignoring to lift your neighbor.

Selfishness: Everybody thinks for themselves only. Everybody wants the best of whatever it is and so the sharing nature of people are demolishing now. E.g., People don’t encourage their colleagues in front of their manager to get noticed for good work.

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Crime: The key to the absence of kindness. This is because of the fear to get into any trouble, people do not want to involve in anybody else’s case. E.g., Rape in front of people, but they do not help.

Money: In the race of being a rich person, people forget to keep the basic features of humanity and innocence. E.g., throwing out the parents from the house for property and money.

As, I said, not all but many people are doing the same and the rate is increasing day by day in our society, which ultimately spoiling us and making us unsympathetic, unkind, uncaring, insensitive and stony-hearted persons.

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