Why is Dropbox more popular compared to other applications that provide identical functionalities?

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Dropbox is an application which is used for saving files in order to save space on local disk. This application also helps the users to work offline. 

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There are many other such applications such as Google Drive and One Drive which are tough competitors for Dropbox. All the applications provide good features.

 A comparison between all the three is given here.

Google Drive
Storage Cost
After signing up, a user gets free 2GB storage. If a user needs more space then he will have to pay in order to get additional space.
After signing up, a user gets free 15GB storage which is shared between Gmail, google photos, and Google drive. In order to get more space users will have to pay according to monthly and yearly subscriptions
After signing up, a user gets free 5GB storage and in order to get more space, users have to buy it according to different subscriptions.
Users can sync the files for their desktops, laptops, and mobiles with Dropbox as it supports Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Windows Phone and Linux operating systems.
Google Drive supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
OneDrive Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
File Sharing
Dropbox lets the users access both files and folders. Users can either share the link or send an email regarding the content to be shared. Users can give edit permissions to the folders. Users can also set a password and expiry date for the file
Google Drive provides same features as Dropbox but here users can give edit permissions to both files and folders. Password protection for files is not available.
OneDrive has the same features as Dropbox and Google Drive while sharing. Users can give edit permissions and cannot password-protect the file.

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