Why iPhone's are so costly in India?

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Whenever a new iPhone is rolled out, we Indians go gaga over the dream of getting this phone at a cheaper price, but in reality, these phones are sold at a much higher price than in India than in many other counties. So, have you ever wondered why iPhones are costly in India? Here I found the answer:

Customs Duty: This is one of the major reasons why we get iPhones at a whopping price. The Apple official recently stated that they have tried their best to analyze the tax structure, customs duties and other expenses that contribute to the bulging hike in its prices. The overall duties we pay to the government on iPhone is 11.43% which is cost+Shipping and Handling Charges.

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Central Government Taxes: We have to pay separate duties for chargers, headphones and other accessories because they come under different codes while the phone in a different one. Before GST was introduced in India, it used to encounter VAT as soon as it reaches to various states and VAT rate was 12.5 percent on smartphones; however, GST also has not brought much change in the price.

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Delivering a simple and clear-cut answer to this query, the iPhone is not assembled or manufactured in India. Because of that, many taxes are imposed on it and hence the actual cost is added with multiple taxes that result in its increased cost in India.

Recently it has been disclosed that iPhone 6s is going to be assembled in India that could bridge the gap the current price and the actual price of the iPhone.

Till then, we need to wait or invest a bit more, if you are a die-hard fan of Apple (like me)...


In my opinion, the depreciation of Indian rupees is one of the major reasons why we get this phone at such an exalted price compared to the rest of the world. Our currency has really dipped to a very significant mark against the US dollar in the past a few years; therefore, when a buyer goes to purchase it in India, the cost is straight away converted from USD to INR, and thus, the lower value of our rupees makes this phone costlier.

However, this is what I come across while looking for pictures to sum up my answer and I can't stop going ROFL once I saw it. 

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