Why do some sportsmen rely on anabolic steroids to enhance their performance?

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Sportsmen have a very competitive life from the time they pick up a sport. During their career, they get to compete against people who sometimes are naturally more gifted than them. 

The pressure to be on the top and make a mark sometimes drives a person to the wrong path. Sportsmen also have a very small time to prove themselves as every sport has an age limit, so the clock is always ticking for them.

When a sportsman trains for a sport, his/her muscles get worn out. These muscles take around 48 hours to rebuild themselves. When a muscle is repaired by the help of protein synthesis, its strength increases. The size and performance get enhanced as well. All this is done by the body with the help of anabolic reaction.

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Anabolic steroids are enzymes which increase the repairing process of muscles in the body. These enzymes are naturally present in the body however they vary from person to person. Few sportsmen choose to take anabolic steroids as it gives them an ability to break the limits their body contains. 

They can outperform themselves and others as well. Muscles are smart and it is said that they have a memory as well. If a sportsman trains for increasing the size of the muscles, anabolic steroids would work likewise for them.

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Taking steroids is illegal as they give a false ability to an individual which naturally doesn’t exist. These steroids break the natural cycle of steroid release and suppression in the human body. Once the cycle is broken individual is not able to control the levels of the hormone in the body. 

This in short terms gives great abilities however in longer run slowly starts to take the person to deathbed. Increased levels of hormone impact the organs and cause multiple organ failures. The individual is brought to a stage which is irreversible.

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