Why do many aged people prefer to stay in old age homes?

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As people grow old they face a number of problems. It is usually said that there is a great change in mentality as people grow old. Is this the only reason they start staying at old age homes?

Answer ImageI think there are some other hidden facts. According to many mentalities is not only the main reason for the aged people to stay in old age homes.  Now let’s have a discussion on the various reasons and find out the main reason behind this fact.

  • Changing Lifestyles- It has been observed that the changing lifestyles of the present generation is quite peculiar. It almost becomes impossible for the aged persons to adjust with them. In such a situation they have no other option but to shift in an old aged home.
  • Fading of Joint Family- Secondly the joint family system is gradually fading away. This has given rise birth to nuclear families. Hence this is a very vital reason that has given rise to well inspired phenomena of old age homes. It has also been observed that most of the aged persons prefer to stay at these homes in order to avoid bitterness in relationships.
  • Lack of Companionship- With both spouses staying outdoors 10-12 hours a day at respective jobs, issues like insecurity, loneliness and lack of companionship have compelled the aged persons to live in these aged homes. The concept of old age homes is slowly emerging in our society. It has become a daily affair.
  • Generational Gap- Many a times it has been seen that there is a difference of opinion between the children and their parents. In fact, in most of the cases the children want their parents to follow them. This is not at all acceptable to the parents. Hence they choose to stay alone.
  • Need of Dignity and Peace- Every senior citizen wants to live with dignity and hence wish to be secured. Thus old age homes are coming up so that they can relocate at such places and spend their lives according to their own wish. They can relax and stay accordingly. In fact the concept of old age homes has somehow given relief to them.
  • High Cost of Living- The high cost of living and scanty return on savings sometimes force the senior citizens to move to old age homes. They have no other alternative but to live their own place and go to such place where they can stay with small amount of money.


It can be thus assumed that the old age homes have presently turned into a home of many senior citizens. This home usually gives number of facilities to the senior citizens so that they can spend their life peacefully and safely.

Answer ImageOn the other hand, it is really a shameful thing to the present generation. They should try to live with their parents. Parents spend their life in educating their kids but when they need some rest and peace we compel them to move to old age homes. We should take utmost care to our parents and love them.

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