Why Pakistan wants India's Kashmir?

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Since the inception of the country Pakistan, there have been numerous attempts made by Pakistan to try and occupy Kashmir. We already know that ‘Azad Kashmir’ (Area of Kashmir which is occupied by Pakistan) is being governed by a puppet government installed by Pakistan. Pakistan has also allowed the Chinese to occupy some of the areas of Azad Kashmir and allow the Chinese military to operate freely.

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Listed below are a few reasons why Pakistan wants India’s Kashmir-

Indus River system:

As we know, both India and Pakistan rely on the Indus river system. For Pakistan, Indus is one of the primary sources of water. Although India and Pakistan have signed a water-sharing treaty, India has the upper hand as it is the upper riparian state. As India is the upper riparian state, it has more control over the sources of the Indus river system. In future, if there is a state of war between India and Pakistan, India can cut off the water supply to Pakistan or release excess water and cause floods.  Pakistan can avoid this by occupying the entire Kashmir as the Indus river system has its origin in Tibet.

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Location of Islamabad:

Another reason why Pakistan is vying for Kashmir is that of the distance between The LoC (line of control) and Islamabad (Pakistan’s capital). In case of unrest, it is very easy for India to target the capital of Pakistan.

Military Propaganda:

The main reason for the creation of Pakistan was religion. The only way for Pakistan to distinguish itself from India is Religion but even that is not the case as India has a higher number of Muslims. So propagating this hate towards India and declaring their love for Kashmir is one way to guarantee people’s support for the military. 

Pakistan inherited a huge military during partition. But now, it has been hard to maintain that size and its legitimacy. An average Pakistani citizen knows for sure that there is no reason for India to attack Pakistan. That is why; the need to propagate hate is at an all-time high for Pakistan.  The easiest way for them to promote this is by keeping the Kashmir issue alive and portraying India in a bad light to the citizens of Pakistan.

Natural resources:

If the rumors coming out of Azad Kashmir are to be believed, then most of the natural resources of that area have already been exploited. It has been said that some parts of these resources have been sent to Pakistan and most of it have been given to China. If this is the case, then Pakistan would greatly benefit from occupying the entirety of Kashmir.

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