Who were the top five players of Manchester City before their acquisition by the Etihad Group?

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Here are 5 players from the club who were shining stars for Manchester City before the Etihad acquisition:

Shaun Wright-Phillips:

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Shaun Wright-Phillips, an English footballer had two runs with the club. He was coined as the star during the dismal times of Manchester City. He assisted his squad to win the progression to Premier League and because of his amazing playing style, he was qualified to play for England in 2004. His first assignment with the City was between 1998-2005.

Georgi Kinkladze:

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He arrived at the club from Georgia and was one of the golden lights for City in a grey time. His skills and control over the football game encouraged the Manchester City fans to possess hope in dismal times. He served them between 1995-98.

Tony Book:

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Tony Book did not serve Manchester City for long, as he paired with them at the age of 31. He captained his team excellently and represented them for 7 yrs in 1966-73. He directed them to glorious wins and served the team accomplishes victory with four trophies.

Bert Trautmann:

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Bert Trautmann has an unbelievable story in the tale of Manchester City Football, he was a German commando who was arrested and detained by the British during the 2nd World War. After the conflict was over he was contracted by Manchester City, though the fans opposed his abutting their side. 

A few months later, he persuaded them over with his eminent playing style. He served the club from 1949-64 and was honored for playing at goal notwithstanding fracturing his neck in the FA Cup Final in 1956 and later accumulating his winner's medal.

Colin Bell:

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One of the iconic Manchester City professionals of the Non-Etihad era, Colin Bell is a Saga. He participated in the midfield and covered the whole field during the play. He supported his s squad win the First and Second Division, FA Cup, League Cup, European Cup Winner's Cup and represented them from 1966-79. His participation in the team ended in a stand being titled after him, after being voted by the fans.

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