Which tool is appropriate to code hi-end prototypes for an Android app?


Prototype is important in the design process of a website or mobile app such as Android. Each manufacturer of an app has a unique set of needs for their samples.

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Every tool provides the functionality and flexibility which is required to make highly communicating concepts without a single line of code.

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There are some tools to examine your web designs on a mobile.


It is based on web prototyping tool which permits to make highly interactive samples for the projects of mobile and web. It has the capability to sync with your sketch documents or Photoshop which allow updating the prototype in real-time inside the design. InVision also provides a different variety of transition, animations and mobile gestures such as swiping, tapping. The main feature of InVision is its capability to make hover states for any design component.

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it is a unique tool which provides the functionality to make wireframes of mobile and web. It can also add mobile gestures, web interactions and transitions from the extensive library of pre-existing widgets of Justinmind’s. The free plan of Justinmind offers sharing capabilities within browsers.


Marvel is based on browser prototyping tool which excels in its capability to make the process of prototyping simple. It has the features of direct uploading of certain image file types with PSD, GIF, and JPG, and third party uploading through Google Drive, Sketch, or Dropbox and access 17 different device templates when making the prototypes.

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This prototype tool is owned by the Facebook which can be used to make mockups for many apps including Instagram, Messenger, and Paper. It also supports the growth of interactive Android prototypes. It provides several features for interactive prototyping such as plugins for Sketch and Photoshop and extensive documentation library with forums, video tutorials, and guides. The main feature of this tool is  “Export to Code” feature which changes the graphic design into written code samples for iOS, Android, or web and allows  to share animation spec snippets.

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It is also a prototype tool which permits to examine the interaction designs, animations, and wireframes of mobile for iOS or Android devices. It is used in its capability to map simulated tactile interactions for the animations by  pre-configured options including tap, drag, and double tap. This tool can be installed and examined on an Android or iOS device. The cloud service of Pixate permits to make an infinite amount of prototype projects and share with clients.

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