Which plant is known as kidney stone breaking plant?

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Phyllanthus niruri or Chanca Piedra or Bhumyamlaki is known as kidney stone breaking plant in English, Spanish and Sanskrit, respectively. The meaning of the term Chanca Piedra is "stone breaker" or "shatter stone", which justifies its name.

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They have the anti-hepatotoxic property which helps to fight against kidney stones. The whole plant including roots, flowers, leaves and fruits are used as herbal medicines. Tea from this herb works best towards treating the disease. They work by inhibiting the formation of calcium oxalate crystals (a component of kidney stones) and also helps to break up these stones as well. This herb also helps to reduce the contractions of smooth muscles in the bladder, kidney, and ureter to pass the stones smoothly.

This is also effective for asthma, bronchitis, fever, digestion, diarrhoea, muscle spasms and pain relief.

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