Which is the most poisonous snake found in India?

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Although, India is a land where snakes are worshiped as they harness a number of gods and many local deities. Despite the fact, they are venomous and highly dangerous. Some of the deadliest species of snakes are found on the soil of India and out of those, King Cobra is considered the most venomous serpent. Widely known as Naja Naja snake, its glory prevails not only in India but all over the planet.

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What Makes This Snake Extremely Venomous:

Cobra's sharp and sleek teeth, flexible jaws, venom pouch, its iconic body, and shape are some of its exceptional weapons. It has venom glands right behind its eyes which connect to the venom pouch. When this snake bites, it pierces its sharp teeth into the body of its prey. Being hollow, its teeth play a major role in injecting venom, which gets released from the venom pouch and flown through those glands, into the victim’s body. It can release up to 600 ml venom in one bite; however, only 20 ml venom is sufficient to kill a human.

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Other Facts:

King Cobra can be grown up to 17 feet, the long muscles and tendons of this assassin help it lift its body. When a Cobra shows its classic posture, it can put its eyes on a six feet tall person.  Also known as Spectacled cobra and ‘Nag’ in the local dialect, Indian Cobra can be seen in any part of the nation; however, they prefer wide jungle edges, fields, and open areas like villages and farms. 

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Favourite Meal:

This killer snake generally makes frogs, rodents, insects, lizards, and many other species its prey. King Kobra is generally linked with ‘Shiva Linga’, a worshiped idol of Shiva, and people worship this holy snake during the ‘Naag-Panchami’ festival, which is celebrated in almost all parts of India.

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