Which is the biggest monster in the sea?

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There are a lot of marine animals living under the ocean. We can touch some of them but others cannot. We can see some of the animals most often but others also cannot. There are some gossips about the biggest monster in the sea. Some of it is myths and others also are based on imagination. 

When we say the biggest monster in the sea, what comes to your mind? What is the biggest monster in the sea? Here are factual answers to your question. Hold you breathe as I introduce to you the biggest monster in the sea.

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The biggest animal in the ocean is the Balaenoptera musculus or the blue whale. It is a very large mammal, it has sleek and light in color. The length of this blue whale is about 100 feet and has a weight for about 100-150 tons, isn’t very amazing? This giant animal feeds themselves through eating the small marine life such as tiny shrimp and some of the tiny fishes. They can kill 36,000-kilogram small organism every day. 

Before people can see a blue whale in every part of the coast but today, we can’t see them most often. They’re now rapidly decreasing in numbers due to whaling activity. Many people are hunting whales without a permit coming from the government. As a result, people nowadays became ignorant in a blue whale. When you want to see this giant animal you’ll need to go on the whole coast of California, Mexico, and Canada. 

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Just like other animals, blue whales also have a unique behavior. They didn’t swim as a group but instead, they’re swimming alone or by pairs. They really want also to swim all the time just like what other fish wants. They often migrate from one place to another especially when it is winter. They can cruise the ocean at more than 5 miles per hour but when they are agitated they can cruise the ocean more than 20 miles per hour. 

Aside from being large in size, the blue whale also known as the loudest animal on the planet. They can create moan and groan as loud as they can. They can also hear each other even if they’re 1,000 miles away. That’s their special skill. When they are endangered they will just moan and groan. That’s how they protect themselves.

I know some of you thought that blue whales are more dangerous than the shark right? But no, you’re wrong. Blue whales are often being a victim. Sharks and killer whales attacked them. There are many blue whales died every year due to shark attacks or being hit by a large ship. 

Though they are large in size they did not harm the ocean. We should preserve the blue whale. Stop hunting them. You’re not just harming yourself but also the ocean. Try to preserve the blue whale in order to be seen in the next generation.

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