Which are the top five wicket-keeper catches of all time?

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The wicket-keepers are always the agilest player in the team. Over the time, wicket-keepers have used their inherent athleticism to take a plethora of spectacular catches at the back of the stumps. 

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Top five wicket-keeper catches all time:

  • Mark Boucher's catch to drop Tendulkar, July 2007: Mark Boucher was one of the excellent wicket-keepers. In a career of15 years, he took lots of unbelievable catches especially the one to fire Tendulkar in an ODI in Belfast in 2007 possibly stands greatest of all. It persists one of the most glorious display of quickness, obsession and rare reflexes that the cricket world has ever seen.
  • Adam Gilchrist dismisses a stunner in Sharjah, 1998Australian wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist drew off one of the famous catches in antiquity. Ajay Jadeja had cut a delivery too precise in the 29th over of the 2nd innings. It was suppose to be a 'FOUR', but  Adam's timing of the leap and athleticism guaranteed that Jadeja couldn't get off with his cut pellet.
  • Jeffery Dujon v England, 1986:  Facing the West Indian posthaste bowlers of the 1980s was a nightmare for almost all batsmen. It was an identically daunting job for a wicket-keeper to recount for those thunderbolt quick bowlers. The one stunning catch of Dujon's that shine out was his displacement of England opener Graham Gooch in the 1986 series in the Caribbean. Gooch had acted a well-timed leg flash but Dujon left sprung send back the competition's soundest batsman.
  • Alan Knott v West Indies, 1980: As the England-West Indies Test series held in England in 1980, Knott implored a catch that will surely go forward in history as one of the best catch taken by a wicket-keeper. The leap that he used to reach the ball and the grabbing of the ball with both hands even after leaping to his left.
  • Rodney Marsh in the World Cup Semi-Final, 1975: Australia's fabulous wicket-keeper Rodney Marsh in the World Cup Semi-Final of 1975. The bowler, Gilmour, was left-handed, which could have made it complicated for Marsh to tailgate the entire path of the ball but he dived to his right and took an amazing catch that was expected for first slip.
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