What were the famous unsolved mysteries in this world which finally got solved?

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The world is full of mysteries and amazing things. Out of numerous mysteries, some are solved now, some are in the process and some are declared as forever mysteries. Here are some of the examples of those unsolved mysteries, which finally got resolved with some valid reasons:

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  • The Fairy Circles of Namib Desert
  • King Tutankhamun’s Tomb
  • Egyptian Pyramids
  • The underground secret of the Easter Island heads
  • The vanished Nazca civilization
  •  "Wandering" rocks in Death Valley
  • The Iron Pillar, Delhi
  • The City of Troy
  • The whale graveyard in Chile
  • The black sinkhole in Florida
  • The lost army of Cambyses II
  • Mayan Civilization Collapse
  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste
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