What to do if my child does not drink milk regularly? Are there any recipes which will make him love drinking milk on a regular basis?

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:Most of the children do not like drinking plain milk.  But we all know that “milk is a complete food”. It is packed with so many nutrients, that mothers try hard to make their children drink it anyhow.

Let us know some of the attractive recipes that make drinking milk exciting for kids. 

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Chocolate shake:

Most of the mothers discourage chocolate shake for their children, simply because too much of chocolate syrup will go into it. But, a simple way to make chocolate shake is to crush some biscuits in some milk, sugar and fresh cream made at home, blend it for a while and serve chilled with ice in a fancy glass. This will make your kids tempted and they will quickly finish that tall fancy glass of milk.

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Mango shake:

This recipe is ideal for the summer season. Just when your kids come tired after playing, you can give them a glass full of chilled mango shake. You will have to simple need some ripe mangoes, sugar and fresh milk in a grinder and your shake is ready to be served to your children.


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We all love rice kheer or vermicelli kheer for that matter. When even that is made up of milk, why not someday prepare it as a surprise for them when they come tired from school?


Some children love to eat oats. You can boil some milk. Add oats and sugar to it. Stir it a bit and add some chocolate syrup to make the recipe a bit more interesting.

These are the few recipes which can be made with help so that your child consumes it daily. Change is always good, so try not to present milk in the same old fashion to them daily. 

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