What's the most epic way you've seen someone quit or be fired?

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There are many epic reasons to get fired. 

Some are listed below:-

Damaging company property:Answer Image

There's a scene in the movie Office Space where three employees destroy the printer. Whether you do it intentionally or not but in real life it's a fireable offense. If your actions lead to damage the company's property or equipment, it could result in the loss of your job.

Drug or alcohol possession at work: 

If you get drunk or take drugs in your workplace it will interfere with your on-the-job performance, and maybe some drugs will be illegal as well.

Answer Image

Falsifying company records: 

This could result in the long term legal or performance problems for the company.

Insubordination: Answer Image

You don't have to agree with all requests or say “yes" to your manager. But if you refuse to obey his orders, obstructionist behavior or contentious communications can lead to a loss of your job. If a person disagrees with his manager's requests or policies then express it politely.

These are some epic way of quitting:

On a live news broadcast:

Anchor Charlo Greene left her job to focus on marijuana legalization during a live TV broadcast. She ended her segment on the legalization of marijuana by saying "fuck it, I quit"

Dancing through the office: 

Answer Image

Marina Shifrin a content creator has left her job by making a video to herself grooving around her office, capped off by a dramatic dance break and a direct message "I quit"

On twitter:

Jonathan Schwartz, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems announced his resignation with a twitter haiku.

By finding the emergency exit:

 Steven Slater as a flight attendant quit his job after swearing at a customer, grabbing a beer and sliding down the emergency chute.

On a customized video game

By creating a Mario flash game for his employers to play a programmer quit his job. With each score, the word "I quit" flashed brilliantly on the screen.

With a subtle performance art piece:

Doug Walker walked into in his place one day, blared "also Sprach Zarathustra" on a tiny radio, climbed onto his desk, and ripped off his shirt, revealing that he painted "I quit" on his chest.

Loudly and proudly over an intercom:

A Walmart employee used the intercom to tell the entire store that he was quitting.

In a galaxy far, far away- Joy Mukharji quit his job by creating a replica of a Star Wars intro, complete with suggestions of having sex with all his co-workers. At the end of the video, Mukharji cuts to himself, completely naked.

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