What's the most creative use of emojis you've ever seen?

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 In today's generation advancements in cell phone technology have resulted in the creation of countless options for cell phone users. Emojis are one such option. The basic emojis are typically featured smiling faces, sad face, angry faces, thumbs up and an assortment of other basic emotions. 

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Emojis have evolved over time. Now people with smartphones can use everything from building to car, to fire emojis. There are many different emojis and people can use multiple emojis together to tell stories, sing-song lyrics, and much more. Here are some of the creative uses of emojis I have ever seen.

Overdramatic texter:

Someone has requested you to "hold on". The other person is a bit too impatient, or he/she is humorous. The use of the emojis is to show the person falling is hilarious.

A Katy Perry fan:

This fan showed exactly how big a fan they were when they sent this text. If you know this song you know it is the chorus. If you have not mastered the art of deciphering emojis, here are the lyrics

"I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter

Dancing through the fire

‘Because I am a champion, and you're going to hear me roar"

Once you have the words right in front of you it is easy to see how much fun it can be to send messages and do other things with random emojis or strategically used emojis.

Vulgar yet creative:

One can text vulgar messages in a creative way. He can imagine what other creative ways to use the emojis before in text conversations.

The play on words emojis message

you need time to create a message with emojis. It is sweet and creatively used the play on words.Answer Image

A tribute to Hamlet:

If a person has decided to make a message on Hamlet then he or she surely has not realized how it would cause someone to go and read Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I was impressed with the translation of the famous intro to Hamlet's soliloquy using emojis.

Playing games with emojis:

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This is one of the craziest ways of using emojis in my opinion. Here two people are able to play connect four by sending emojis back and forth. I find it more impressive than the other texts. This makes me wonder what other games can be played using emojis.

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