What role do image and video editing software play in making a news fake?

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Government and powerful persons use fake news as a weapon in the assembly and Lok sabha elections to increase their support and votes to win an election. A new breed of video and audio operation tools allows for the making of realistic fake news footage.

There are several software which are able for manipulate video footage of public figures and allow second persons to put words in their mouth. The videos of incidents of other areas are being shown as if it is occurring here.

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Disadvantage of Fake News:

Fake news and videos include wrong information and these are created through various software applications. The audio and video manipulative tools are used to twist the reality. These fake  news and videos are broadcasted through print and broadcast media.

Benefits taken by Political Parties:

The political parties use fake news at the time of elections to win their seat. The fake news creates violence in several cities and polarize their caste and religious votes. The public believes the fake news and creates tensions which benefits the political parties in election. The media also broadcasts fake news for support political parties and discuss them for propaganda. Both the opposition parties and government use fake news so this problem is not solved and day by day fake news increases. Specialists will need different tools to debunk computer generated videos and news in future.

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