What really happened to Hitler after World War II?

While many agree that he committed suicide to avoid getting arrested and prosecuted after losing the World War II, however other narratives state that he had managed to escape to some other country, or remained underground until his death.

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Adolf Hitler, Austria-born, German politician was a dictator and the leader of the Nazi Party from 1934 to 1945. With the invasion of Poland, Hitler gave an impetus to the second world war. Adolf Hitler in his last days remained in a bunker in Berlin, with his wife, friends, and advisors.

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The causes of the death of Hitler differ in every literature. Some believe that he killed himself by gunshot and others believe that he consumed poison. He decided to commit suicide rather than being killed by the enemies.

The forensic reports on the death of Hitler and Eva, his wife, does not give any evidence that the two died in the bunker. As per the historian Gerrard Williams, the author of the Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, says that this was not what exactly happened.

As per Gerrard Williams, there are controversies saying that Hitler escaped to Argentina and lived there till 1962. William also believed that Eva and Hitler moved through the help of bunkers to Argentina from Berlin.

Peter Baumgart, a Luftwaffe pilot testified in court that he helped Eva and Hitler to safely move to Argentina. Eyewitnesses also claimed that they have seen Hitler in Argentina in many public places.

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Another argument suggests that Hitler died in the bunker. The official accounts also say that he and his wife, Eva died in the bunker by committing suicide. It could be a possibility that he committed suicide in the bunker as the eyewitnesses said that he was terrified of being captured by the Soviet army.

He was a known figure and cannot move from the bunker to any other country as Berlin was a war-torn country and captured by the Soviet army. It was impossible for Hitler to move from there. he never wanted to be punished in public as happened to Mussolini.

In the words of General Eisenhower, "There is every assumption that Hitler is dead, but not a bit of conclusive proof that he is dead."

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