What plays a crucial role in maintaining democracy in India?


Democracy is a system in which the government is elected by the people in the general elections .India is proud to be a democratic country. Every general election is celebrated as a grand occasion in our country. In elections, people cast their vote to bring a suitable candidate to power.

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People expect the new government to work for them. In a democratic country, if the government cannot fulfill the expectations of a common man, people can exercise their rights to bring another party in power. It is the basic strength of the democracy. It empowers people to protest against various government policies and issues such as price rise, unemployment and poverty among others.

There are four pillars in the democracy

  • Government
  • Administration
  • Judiciary
  • Media

If one of the pillars is not functioning properly, it affects the overall working of the democratic country.


In recent times, political parties including the ruling party as well as the opposition party misuse the power of democracy. Each political party wants to win the election at any cost. At the time of election, some political parties use divide and rule policy to divide people with respect to caste, religion, language and region, polarize the voters and try to spark riots across the country. This affects the right of the common man in electing a government.

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Many political parties use the tainted candidate only for winning the election. The activity of the political party affects democracy. If the government is not working for people then opposition party does not discuss in parliament and protest in a violent way called bandh and strike which affects the economy of our country. There is no space for violence in the democracy. Everybody has the right to protest against the government policies but not in a violent way.


The common man expects many things from administration but it is fully controlled by the government. The responsibility of the administration is to resolve the problems of a common man .Now a days the government interference has increased in the working of the administration and due to this the administration does not work properly for common people.


The judiciary plays an important role in democracy. The common man expects judiciary more than government but the judges and lawyers are not interested in cases related to common man in which the judgement in cases comes is about 20 to 30 years. The political interference also affects the working of judiciary.

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The media is also an important part of the democracy. The responsibility of the media is to raise issue of common man and to put pressure on government to work for public. But a section of the media fully supports the ruling party. The basic issues of common man should be discussed in the news but mostly debates on unnecessary things are being shown and written. Media also prefer the breaking news of celebrity, films, serials and praises of the government which does not build up pressure on government to work for common man. It will also affect the democracy.

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It is clear that all these institutions are related to the government. The government can fulfill the expectations of the common man then it does not need to use tainted candidate. There is no political intervention in the working of judiciary, media and administration and they work properly without pressure. The duty of the public is not to choose a suspect candidate and corrupted party. It will increase the strength of the democracy. This affects the trust on democracy by common man rises.

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