What makes Rolls Royce cars so expensive?

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Rolls Royce is one of the most expensive cars ever manufactured. It is a luxury car. It is a status for the rich and the Royal's .they is very superior quality cars. Rolls- Royce is claimed to be hand made and crafted to perfection. 

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Since, this is a very labor extensive process, the cost of manufacturing is greatly increased which increases the market price. Rolls- Royce cars have been installed with higher quality equipment. Most of the work is done by hand which makes the car more exclusive. 

All the quality real wood on the interior is carved by hands and not a machine and also all of the interior leather is sew by hands and assembled by hand. A majority of the task is completed by people, and not by machines. This kind of manufacturing needs a huge man power. The whole process is not done by usual assembly lines and takes a long time to finish. Since it takes so much time to produce one car, the supply is lesser but the demand is higher which makes the prices higher.

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Every detail has been paid attention to. It has claimed to have better performance than most cars and more precise construction. It is more comfortable. The design and the exterior look are top-notch. The rolls- Royce is much more technologically advanced with innovation, these features convey an image, brand, and status. The total cost of developing and manufacturing a new car model irrespective of the brand starts from $1 billion and can go upwards of $6billion. 

The Rolls- Royce cars are of very high Build quality. The luxury that the car provides is incomparable, leather used is of the finest quality, Alcantara, the wood used, that massive and expensive to build V12, the silent cabin feature, all makes it a luxury car, only the best materials are used to build a Rolls which make it an expensive car. The ability to customize the rolls- Royce makes the cars more expensive. 

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There are thousands of shades of rolls- Royce to choose from. The care of construction for each car and the quality of each part dictates and adds to the value which makes it totally worth it. Rolls- Royce has plenty of special options such as a huge chromed grille and electric powered amenities. Royalties buy Rolls Royces to increase their prestige and royalty.

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