What is your views on the trailer of 'Sanju'?

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A biopic is a cinematic conversion of the life of an individual; however, the director has all the rights to sugar coat it as per his convenience, but no one ever imagined that Rajkumar Hirani will hammer the life of Sanjay Dutt in his biopic Sanju so brutally that you actually feel the penetration of the sharp edges while watching the trailer. 

During those three minutes, you witness the heartfelt glimpses that shock you with naked truths about the life of Sanjay Dutt. Whether he has been slapped by police, being a druggist, sleeping with more than 300 women, or strolling along with sordid companions, each incident has been depicted with a candid flow. However, the objective behind sinking the character into this bog is quite obvious, and that is getting him out of the charge of being a terrorist.

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Direction and Acting

Whatever it is, but the whole drama has been wrapped into a very promising plot and all the credit goes to the genius of Rajkumar Hirani who has immersed it into multiple-flavors and colors. Ranbir Kapoor is looking no less than Sanjay himself and that actually is a plus for the whole film. The kind of efforts he has put is explicit in every frame. He has put himself into the skin of Sanjay so brilliantly that we hardly feel that some else is playing Sanju.

Box Office Verdict

Trade Pandits have already stamped it as the BLOCKBUSTER and some of them even tagging it as the All Time Blockbuster but we simply say, it will be an All-Time ENTERTAINER for sure and the history is evident that good entertainers easily wreck all the Box office Records. So, let us wait for the 29th June to witness this emotional rollercoaster ride.

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