What is your review of Tumbbad (2018) movie?

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A village in Maharashtra named Tumbbad is the adobe of a young widow (Jyoti Malshe) and her two sons and a mysterious woman who is chained. Vinayak ((Sohum Shah) who is grown up hearing the stories of treasure lies in the old fort of the village and decides to get it one day.

Things take a turn and his mother has to leave the village as Vinayak’s brother dies suddenly. However, Vinayak returns after a couple of decades to find the treasure and come across many myths, truths, and a hideous monster inside the fort, but his rigid greed puts him to embark on a hazardous journey.

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Screenplay and Dialogues

The darkness, shadows, play of light, shivering noises, and the hideous monster-the whole set up is of exalted rank. However, the repeated remarks of the creature become too much after a certain point, but the adept narrative holds it back. The freshness and depth in dialogues add value to the whole impact.


Sohum Shah plays the person who cares for his mother as well as a greedy individual with a sheer conviction. His son played by Mohammad Samad is another character who grabs your attention during the film.

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A big thumbs up to Rahi Anil Barve for his narrative, which is lensed with perfect painterly craft and keeps you on the edge of your seat. He has recreated the period with a sheer perfection.

Why Should I Watch?

You should not miss it because the film doesn’t belong to any popular genre and that’s its victory because then you start feeling the novelty it offers.

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