What is your review of Manmarziyaan movie (2018)?

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After the films like Gangs of Wasseypur and Dev.D, Anurag Kashyap presents a love story, a triangle to be specific. Manmarziyaan is like a surprise package for you because the film manifests the unconventional love, which is in vogue at the moment.


Rumi (Taapsee), a blunt girl from Amritsar, is passionately crazy for Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) who also loves Rumi with the same pep. Their love knows no boundaries and the bedroom turns into their nest where they start knitting the dreams of togetherness. Finally, the time comes when their family catches them together and then the pressure is built on Rumi to get married. She tries to convince Vicky to visit her parents, but he has cold feet and does not come up.

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Story and Screenplay

Written by Kanika Dhillon, except a few loose minutes, I  must say the film is entertaining. Although, despite having the same old love triangle backdrop, Manmarziyaan presents love with a refreshing angle. However, a few scenes are packed with boldness and raunchy dialogues, and therefore, an average moviegoers might not like it. So, for sure not a family entertainer.


Whether we call it influence or inspiration, the film is not a typical Anurag Kashyap films. You can clearly observe the influence of Anand L Rai on the whole film.

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If Vicky Kaushal had succeeded in robbing moments under Ranbir’s nose in Sanju, the same act is done by Abhishek Bachchan in Manmarziyaan and that too with a brilliance.

Why Should I Watch?

Taste this unconventional love recipe for its refreshing viewpoint, which doesn’t preach but makes you a part of it.


Don’t Spoil Its taste Watching It with Family.

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