What is your review of Lupt (2018) movie?

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The story of the film revolves around Harsh Tandon (Javed Jaffrey), a big businessman, who values his business more than his family. All of a sudden, Harsha starts seeing souls and ghosts. When he consults his doctor, it is told that he possibly has chronic insomnia. To avoid this, the doctor advises him to take a break from work and go on a vacation. Harsh heads off to Shimla with his family by car. During the journey, the scary game starts and their night turns out to be a nightmare.

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Screenplay and Dialogues

The most notable part of the film is its length which is about 2 hours and the movie wraps up quickly. Sometimes, horror films are stretched to an unnecessary length; therefore, after a certain moment, it becomes difficult to tolerate such a flick. The screenplay is fresh and tidy while the dialogues bring out fear and other emotions brilliantly. They are written keeping the whole set up and backdrop in mind.

Why Should I Watch?

This film may not be a great horror, but it terrifies and that too diversely. I think that is all you expect from a horror film.

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