What is the secret behind being a happy couple?

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Being a happy couple is not a miracle, but need efforts by both the partners. It requires some ingredients to make a healthy relationship which depends on each partner. As it is said, it is not a single way journey but a double one, both have to play the role equally.

According to me, it needs time, trust, love/respect and space. If all these work well for any couple, they would definitely be a happy one.

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Time: It needs to spend and share the bond between partners and to realize the value of each other. When you spend more time with your partner, you understand more and relationship gets stronger.

Trust: Without this, nothing can go in the way of positivity, and might result in breakups. If trust is not between a couple, they lack the element for a happy relationship. Lack of trust can spoil a fruitful relationship as well.

Love: The most important thing for a healthy relationship is love. It is the feeling given by each other, which makes them feel good and special about themselves. 

Space: The most needed factor, especially for young couples nowadays. If space is not sufficient, it feels restricted to them and would definitely run away from this love connection.

Other than this, respect, honesty, communication, understanding, romance, accepting the differences; all this required to make a remarkable and happy relationship.


I have compiled a list of 10 secrets of happy couples-

  • They keep a realistic view of committed relationships
  • They work hard on their relationship
  • They spend a lot of time together
  • They respect each other's privacy and give space to their partners
  • They accept their partners as they are rather than changing them
  • They don't have communication barriers
  • They respect their partner's decision
  • They are honest
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