What is the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle?

For years, The Bermuda Triangle has been one of the most fascinating mysteries to the world. Made famous by Charles Berlitz in the 70s through his book "The Bermuda Triangle", it's the triangulated region between Miami, Puerto Rico, and the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda. Numerous boats, ships, and flying planes have disappeared while passing through that region, with no debris recovered, and no trace left behind.
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From the earliest cases of disappearance of these vessels, people have speculated that the infamous region is associated with paranormal powers, while some have suggested that it could possibly be a vortex to another dimension which takes us to another universe. However, recent scientific research and analytical reasoning has narrowed the causes of the disappearances down to three plausible explanations:

Methane Cavities:

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Researchers have recently discovered huge methane-filled sea craters- half a mile wide and 150 ft deep- in the Barents Sea. Scientists say that these craters were formed because of methane gas leaking from a deeper deposit of natural gas. This sudden release of gas can cause massive explosions and create cavities. Any ship passing through the region during such explosions will be sucked to the bottom of the ocean. 

Air-bomb Clouds:

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In addition to boats and ships, around 75 planes have also disappeared in the region in the last 100 years. Scientists such as Dr. Steve Miller, who have been studying the phenomenon for years, have now claimed that they have spotted strange-looking, hexagonal-shaped clouds with straight edges (a rare thing with clouds) at the tip of Bermuda islands that create "air-bombs" in that region.

An air-bomb is a short, but strong spurt of wind that is released from the bottom of a cloud and hits the ocean directly below at speeds up to 170 miles per hour. Air travelling at such high speeds act like some sort of a cannon, and is sufficient to plummet a ship or a plane straight to the bottom of the ocean, leaving no traces behind.

Analytical Skepticism:

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There are some skeptics, most notably Larry Kusche (in the image above), who researched the claims of the sailors, pilots, their journals, log-entries, and official records and came to the conclusion that most of the "disappearances" were actually due to faulty compass readings, fuel-shortages, and in some cases, hearsay and irresponsible journalism, rather than any supernatural phenomenon.

He mentioned that the number of disappearances in the area is not extraordinary, given the large size it covers and it being one of the busiest ship routes. In addition to that, many ships and planes reported as "mysteriously disappeared" weren't even in the Bermuda Triangle! According to such skeptics, the real mystery is how Bermuda Triangle became a mystery at all!
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