What is the importance of kitchen gardens in our day to day lives?

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Kitchen gardens are of utmost importance and are becoming very famous these days. It can be pursued even in a small balcony, backyard or on rooftops. Most of the people are adopting this gardening technique because of the several benefits it has in our day to day lives. 

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Here are a few reasons as to the importance they hold in our lives-

  • We can grow any vegetable and fruits that we love. Kitchen garden lets you plant from all the leafy vegetables to the medicinal plants and thus all of them can be obtained at home without paying any money which has to be paid while buying fruits or vegetables from the market. Also, it saves us from the transportation cost which makes it feasible and anyone can have a kitchen garden.
  • We get cheap vegetables as they are grown at home by our own hands, they are fresh and without any pests. As a lot of fruits and vegetables in the markets are injected for artificial growth or for their color which when goes inside the body can cause harmful diseases or infections. Therefore kitchen gardens are very important to obtain fresh and raw vegetables and fruits. The fruits and vegetables which are essential for the body and can build the immunity system and help in providing all the vitamins and minerals.
  • Many house-wives or old people who have a lot of time like planting their own vegetables and seeing them flourish. It is a hobby for many people because they like taking care of the plants. So many people do it because they like it and on top of that, there are several benefits too.
  • It also purifies the air around us. Plants take the carbon dioxide and in return give oxygen which is very vital for human beings. It also keeps the temperature cool and breezy. It also brings positivity and good vibes to the house as a well-maintained garden which is very pleasing to the eyes. When flowers are added with vegetables it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house and brings nice fragrance too.
  • Vegetable and fruit peels and unwanted vegetables can be recycled to make compost and manure which is really good and beneficial for the growth of the other vegetables which will be planted.
  • The plants which grow in a kitchen garden are far tastier than the ones which are available in the market. So without paying a single penny, we get tastier fruits and vegetables. Also, it is a good way to keep the body working because it requires efforts to start planting, making the soil or raised beds and then plowing also at times which is good for the body.


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