What is the history of Indian rupees?

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Natkhat Nandlal

The answer to this question can be extensive, full of economic terms, and heavy enough to make you sleep right away, and I never wanted this. During my effort to make it effective, I was struck by an idea, which has not only abbreviated it but also blooms enough to convey what it’s meant to. So there you are: 

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Moreover, the currency of the ancient time has even affected our language as well and we have end number of idioms and proverbs in Hindi language referring to our old currency. Even I know many of them. For instance,

Ek Phooti kaudi bhi nahi doonga…means I won’t give you even a penny.

Ek dhele ka kaam nahi karti hamari bahu….our daughter-in-law hardly does anything.

Chamadi jaaye par damadi na jaaye…..Someone is ready to suffer or die but does not lose his penny.

Pie Pie ka hisaab rakhana….Keep a record of every penny.

Solah aane sach….100% correct.

Hope you like the answer, please let me know your response about this. 

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