What is the general administration in human resources management?

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The administration also referred to as business administration, is the management of an office, business, or organization. It involves the efficient organization of people, information, and other resources to achieve organizational objectives. Information is key to business operations, and people are the resources who make use of information to add value to an organization.

Administration Department at all levels is responsible for the following functions throughout the organization, at the corporate office, regional office, Area office and branch level.

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  • Overseeing the implementation of corporate policies in the organization.
  • Implementing staff welfare policies with a key focus on enhancing employee motivation.
  • Ensuring optimum and effective utilization of funds in providing a congenial work environment and basic amenities in the work premises.
  • Contributing in tracking attendance (Manual or thorough Biometric)
  • Preparing ID cards, Visiting Card, salary advances & loans statements every month.
  • Assisting in preparing monthly increments, opening bank accounts for employees and maintaining employee’s databank with personal files. (Documentation)
  • Updating employee’s information into MS-Excel & preparing MIS Reports.
  • Organizing monthly employee’s birthday celebrations.
  • Preparing monthly organization chart; managing uniforms issuing;
  • Finalization of vendors, issuing purchasing orders.
  • Housekeeping, office & Godown. (Rent & Legal matters agreements for office and Godown)
  • Breakdown repair of the office equipment.
  • Staff welfare.
  • Arrangements for guest accommodation.
  • Arrangements for conference & meetings.
  • Arrangements for tours & Travel booking.
  • Telephone administration.
  • Also, Assets identification and inventory is an important function carried out by the department. This has been separately dealt with in the process on infrastructure and work environment.

Apart from the functions mentioned above, the administration department deals with the following two important functions:

  • Purchase of office stationery and stationary Management.
  • Control of record. At Corporate level,  Regional level & Area level.
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