What is the future of passwords for Mobile and Web authentication?


A password is an identity used to gain access to a resource which is kept secret from others. The passwords were also used in ancient times by guards or sentries for those wishing to enter in the area. Password is a security system for online banking accounts, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more social websites, credit cards and ATM cards. Currently passwords are used to access mail and social media accounts and other accounts.

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The passwords must be easier to remember by users rather than attackers. These passwords can generally be birthday, birthplace, anniversaries, and the name of some person, place, pets, or family members. The passwords are also used in banking system, security system of our country, detective agencies etc. These passwords are well secured due to threatening from terrorists groups to hack them.

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Many organizations store a cryptographic hash of passwords. Every effort is done to devise a method for security. But due to a large number of services, we generally use a number of passwords that is becoming very complicated. At present, number of younger hackers increase day by day so develop a secured password to avoid hacking.

Future of Passwords:

To secure and remember a password, alternatives of passwords have been searched. One of the alternatives is Biometric Technology, which is natural body identification. Biometric technology such as facial recognition, finger prints are already in use. For creating a password, using biometric technology in future is more secure than other passwords.

Viewing the wave of cybercrimes, methods of cyber security are being evolved so it can be said that there is no future of current passwords currently used by people.

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