What is the career scope in Genetic Engineering?

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Genetic Engineering is the process of adding new DNA to an organism manually. DNA is a molecule which is found in the nucleus of every cell and is made up of segments A, T, G and C. Small segments of DNA are called genes. An organism may have thousands of genes.

Genetic Engineering works by physically removing a gene from one organism and inserting it into another. The genetic engineering is also used in several fields such as industrial biotechnology, agriculture, research and medicine. This type of engineering concentrates on molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, medical genetics and evolutionary biology.

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Career Scope in Genetic Engineering:

To become genetic engineer, one should have bachelor degree, preferably in the branch of physical science that is, biology or chemistry or biological science. This branch of engineering is a specialization of biotechnology and can also be studied as a separate specialization. There are many undergraduate and postgraduate courses which is available in this field.

When a student completes the graduation in genetic engineering, he can work in medical and pharmaceutical industries, research and development departments, agricultural sector, genetic engineering firms, chemical companies, etc. A genetic engineer can work in both private and public sectors. In genetic engineering, there is a great growth in our country and abroad. As biotech firms are increasing in India, the future scope in genetic engineering is good.

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Genetic Engineering is still in developing stage in India. Genetic engineering is related to plants, animals, and human beings. It works to improve certain natural characteristics of plants, animals and human beings.  They try to increase resistance to diseases. Genetically modified seeds are being used which has resistance to diseases. With genetic engineering, humans can correct severe hereditary defects by introducing normal genes into cells.

The genetic disorders can be corrected for example if father is having bold hair, there is most probably chance that son may also have bold hair. This may be eradicated by a genetic engineer. The demand for genetic engineers is increasing in India and abroad. Genetic engineers are well-suited in the field of pharmaceutical, medical industries, and agriculture department.

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