What is electronic health record?

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An electronic health record (EHR) is a systematized collection of patient's history, Diagnostics done, medications used and so on. The complete medical history of a patient is stored in Electronic form so as to be shared among multiple facilities and agencies. 

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In this Digital Age, it is very comfortable and gives access to multiple departments of the hospital to share a patient's information.   This electronically-stored health information enables the health care persons to know about the complete history in seconds through a digital format. These records can be shared across different health care settings and can be updated very easily.

An EHR typically includes the following data:

  • The contact information of the patient.
  • Insurance Information.
  • Family and parents medical history.
  • Information about any previous surgeries or procedures undergone.
  • Symptoms and diagnosis.
  • Information about earlier medications and any Allergies to particular drugs.
  • Record of hospitalization, when and under what condition?

This Electronic Health Record helps efficient storage and retrieval and updating of a person's medical history. Now the health care units can store even multimedia information, such as medical imaging results etc., for sharing across multiple locations. This reduces the cost and redundancy of effort. 

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