What is an incident as per ITIL?

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IT industry follows the concept of selling products in the form of services. For example, you have just purchased a new office for your business; the first thing you would need to connect your business to the outer world is “internet”. The Internet is sold to you as a broadband connection by an ISP. 

Over here the broadband connection is a kind of service. ISP would have to keep an eye on the availability of this service; he would have to also conduct time to time maintenance to keep the provided service healthy. ISP would also have to proactively monitor the service and prevent any downtimes.

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Any disruption or down-gradation to the service provided by the internal or external IT is termed as an incident. These incidents help the IT team in documenting the issues which are faced by the users. Incident generally has below-mentioned descriptions on them –

  • Reporter – IT teams have a target to suppress issues before users actually see it. Thus, the critical services are regularly monitored and "reporter" defines that whether it was identified by the user or by monitoring.

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  • Impacted Configuration Item – Configuration Item or CI are the hardware components on which the services are running. Capturing CI details helps in focusing on the specific faulty item and keeps a track of the number of failures a CI has had in a duration of time.
  • CI owner – IT team is divided into various sub-teams as per their specialization. For example, server team, network team, web developers, etc. The incident is assigned to the team which owns a CI as they have the required expertise to fix the issue in a timely manner.
  • Resolution details – The steps which were taken to resolve an issue are also documented to keep them for future reference. Resolution details would also define if a preventive action was taken on the incident to stop the issue from re-occurring.
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