What is a flipped classroom and how does it work?


Flipped classroom is a modern way of studies. A flipped classroom turns the model of present traditional study system. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before class sessions.  Students may watch online lectures also. The class time is used to do the harder work of problem solving, discussions and debates. The purpose of flipped classroom is to engage students in active learning. The aim of active learning is to provide opportunities for learners to think thoroughly before coming to classes.

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The flipped classroom is gaining popularity in higher education. Students watch the content at home before class. It lets them engage with the video content. They can watch alone with group of students, and with parents. They can rewind and rewatch if something is not clear.

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Supporters of this type of education say that “do and learn” is class is better than “sit and listen”. So the flipped model makes class time is more enjoyable and productive. They argue that when students watch or listen to lectures at home, solve problems and then apply the new knowledge in the classroom. In this way, students get less frustration with their home work.

The critics of this system say that the students must have access to computer and internet to view the lectures. Moreover there is no guarantee that the students will watch the lectures at home and cooperate with this flipped model.

Despite the above issues the flipped classroom can still be very effective to involving them in their education and improving students own achievements.

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