What is Water Distribution on Earth and how is it classified?

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It is estimated that nearly 71% of total Earth’s surface is covered by water. Living beings like humans, plants, and animals are just residing on the remaining 29% of the planet’s surface. The major contribution to this 71% water is from the world’s ocean’s saline seawater (96.5%) while freshwater accounts only for 2.5% of the total.

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It is because of this 71% water that our earth appeared blue in color and often referred to as the “Blue Planet”. It is also believed that 1.5 to 11 times the amount of water in the oceans is found hundreds of kilometers inside the earth’s interior but not in liquid form.

The percent and the area of water distributed on Earth can be viewed by this chart. 

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We might be surprised by the fact that the remaining freshwater, almost all, is lying below our feet. Of the total freshwater percentage of 2.5%, just 0.3% is available to us in the river and lakes which we humans are able to consume. This is the only water which is supporting our everyday life.

Considering most of the water we use in everyday’s life comes from rivers, we can see that we generally only make use of a tiny portion of the available water supplies. The majority of water which is available for our use is stored in the ground. 

Therefore, with the increasing consumption of fresh water due to increasing population, it has been always been requested by the government to save water and use it economically.

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