What is Hemophobia? What is the cause of Hemophobia?

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Hemophobia, also known as blood phobia, is one in which the patient fears when he sees blood. The patient can fear from his or from the blood of another person. A person can also fear from the images containing blood or even the thought of blood. When the patient sees blood, his heart rate and blood pressure can either increase or decrease. The decrease in heart rate and blood pressure can lead to paleness and weakness.

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There are many kinds of treatment that can be adapted to rid the fear of blood. Some of these have been discussed here.

  • Exposure Therapy – In this therapy, the patient is exposed to the situation they fear. This therapy is implemented until the patient stops fearing.
  • Cognitive Therapy – In this therapy, the patient is made to identify the thought which leads him to fear. Then he is helped to replace them with realistic thoughts.
  • Relaxation – Exercises like yoga and deep breathing can lead to lowering stress and provide relaxation.
  • Applied Tension – In this therapy, the muscles of arms torso, and legs have to be in tension at regular intervals. This is done until the patient feels relaxed when he is exposed to blood.
  • Medication – This is only required in severe cases. The patient must discuss with a doctor about medicines.
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