What is Google Playstore? Why and how is it used?


Google has introduced the Google play on March 6, 2012. Google Play is a digital distribution service which operates on Android app. It works as an official app store for the Android operating system which allows browsing and downloading applications developed by using Android software development kit (SDK) and published with the help of Google.

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Services provided by Google Play Store:

There are various services provided by the Google Play including Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music and Google News stand. Several applications are available via Google Play at reasonable costs which can be downloaded to a device with the help of Play Store mobile app or by installing the application in a device from the website of Google Play.

Downloading Apps from Play Store:

There are about 82 billion app downloads in 2016 and  more than 2.7 million more apps were published in 2017 to which many people reached. Users are also allowed to download the Android applications in an alternative way with the help of third party app store. Play Store applications are self-contained Android Package files (APK) which is similar to .exe files for installing programs on the computers. In Android devices, there is an “Unknown sources” feature in Settings in which users can avoid the Play Store and install APKs from a new sources. Many apps can be installed in a memory card of the smartphone depending on the designer favorites.

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History of Installed Apps

The Play Store also provides a history of all the installed apps which have been deleted in the list. There is also an option to remove apps from the history. Google Play Store is a closed- source system process which offers APIs for the Google services. It is installed automatically in all the devices which are operating on Android 2.2. By using Play Services, Google can add new system functionality and update apps.

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